Peter’s Update From April…

Peter’s overall health continues to improve and his neurological development amazes me some days. I cannot believe where he has come from a year ago, when we were desperately trying to find an Antipsychotic medication that would make life bearable for him and all of us, every one the doctor tried, Peter reacted to.

The Lord brought another doctor into our lives and through nutrition (fresh organic vegetable juice everyday, green smoothies, a very strict diet) he helped us get Peter off all medications. And eventually, Peter’s health started to improve and now the last few months especially, we are amazed at the healing that is evident in his brain. This doctor agrees with Peter’s doctor, that Peter should get another round of IVIG. He has a very compromised immune system, affecting so many aspects of his life. The IVIG helps with that.

We are so thankful for the Lord’s continual guiding…The many prayers answered, the strength for each day, His faithfulness in carrying us through many difficult times.


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