Evelyn is much better from her side effects and we are home. We are Thankful to the Lord for his faithfulness and safe travels… And thankful she was able to get all of her IV’s. The treatment lowers Evelyn’s immune system, so we are suppose to isolate her, to a certain extent, in the next two weeks. We continue to pray the Lord’s blessing on the treatment. (it is considered experimental, it isn’t guaranteed to work, but has helped Peter so much and the doctor is very optimistic about it helping Evelyn.)

After long days at the doctor’s Evelyn has been so happy for every time she could be outside… We made numerous stops for her on the way home… She was delighted! 

Her dreams have been filled with IV’s and nurses. 😊

Enjoying the cool mountain spring as we crossed the Catskills.
And a beautiful waterfall!
Dealing with some bad side effects…
The last day of IV’s…😊

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