Moving day…

Friday we finished last minute packing and cleaning… And loaded the truck. We are very grateful for the help on moving day!

We left Friday evening around 8 pm, to get a couple hours on the road.

Happy traveler!
The traffic has been light and the roads have been dry. Ice was coating everything through Kentucky and Tennessee, the trees were bent over from the weight but it was beautiful!
Peter has loved riding up high with daddy… And having his undivided attention!
❄We are in Memphis, Tennessee now, on the border of Arkansas. Our plan was to arrive at our rental in Temple this afternoon. Now plans have changed as a winter storm advisory is covering the area. So, we plan to to drive to Little Rock, Arkansas this morning and wait out the storm there. ❄

The Lord has brought us safe this far, the children have traveled very well, for which we are grateful.


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