We had safe travels to Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday… there was a lot of ice, parking lots were sheer ice.

The roads were pretty dry and quiet, some blowing snow but not much traffic. 😊 The snow had started and all we could was wait… After a four hour wait in the van, everyone very thankful for our hotel room!

We were able to reserve the last room here and are so thankful for it!

Savanna had a rough night, not feeling well, but she is improving today. It was 9 degrees this morning and 8 inches of snow fell here overnight… And the snow has continued to fall today. They do not have snow plows here… And roads are closed. We are not sure how long we will be snowbound here, it looks it could be a few more days. Many areas have lost power but we still have power, for which we are thankful.

Everyone will have improved their art skills by the time we leave😃.
One of Peter’s drawings…
One of Savanna’s many drawings today…a picture of our travels!
Evelyn, drawing the moving truck.
Serious chess game.😊

We are thankful for safety and warmth and a place to stay, during what is being called a “historic” winter storm. Praying for wisdom to know when to move forward!


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