Summer time

We have been told over and over that we are experiencing an abnormally cool summer. It is fine with usā€¦Daily temps between 92 and 102 are plenty warm!šŸ˜ƒ We have learned to get out for fresh air and exercise in the morning and be in by 10 AM.

We continue to enjoy amazing sunsetsā€¦when the temps also go down someā€¦we will go for an ā€œevening strollā€ (as Savanna calls itšŸ˜Š.)

We have had a few fires in the evening earlier in the summer, but lately it is too warm for fires.

There are numerous lakes around, the children have so enjoyed!

This guy is very careful to always wear his hat and sunglasses to protect himself
from the sun.šŸ˜€

Armadillos are mostly nocturnalā€¦so they come out usually in the eveningā€¦and only once some of us saw one rooting in the dirt. We see plenty of signs of them on our hikes, their rooting for grubs turns the soil over like it has been plowed. Last week we saw one just after dusk, we watched it for awhile, the children were delighted.

There was a grey Fox alsoā€¦that fled as soon as we came too close. We also (almost) stumbled upon our first rattlesnakeā€¦it was laying very still along the trail we were walking when Guinevere almost stumbled on it.šŸ˜© I had really hoped it would be a long time before we saw oneā€¦it was an eastern Diamond back rattlesnake. I took a picture, but then deleted it.šŸ˜Œ Peter was very fascinated, and determined to get as close as possibleā€¦Savanna was terrified and panickedā€¦Guinevere was fascinated, (as she always is with snakes.)

The sisters in front of the nearby
sister peaks. šŸ˜Š
A snail gatheringā€¦I guess.šŸ˜Š

Still adjusting to many changesā€¦the girls both have bouts of homesicknessā€¦there is nothing like the comfort of Daddy! He makes everything better.ā¤ļø

So does our Heavenly Fatherā€¦never leaving nor forsaking usā€¦Day by day He gives grace for every trial and brings beauty out of ashesā€¦He makes everything better!ā¤ļø


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