Mid summer…

Some snapshots of our mid summer here in Texas…we have gone on far less hikes because of the heat.

We try to get out in the morning…for exercise and be inside by nine or ten.

There are several lakes not far from us, the children have really enjoyed swimming and playing in the water.

Jarrod Andrew flying overhead 😊

Jarrod and son surveying…😊 it is a bit more challenging here in Texas.

Our first and only fig this year…it was delicious! Evelyn and Savanna watched it every day for weeks…waiting for it to ripen!

Morning picnics ☀️

Morning walks…

Evelyn and Savanna have enjoyed the local Splash pads for cooling off, this summer!

Giving thanks for scooters this summer…Peter, Evelyn and Savanna are always happy to get exercise, if they can scooter!

So many beautiful summer flowers…

Exploring a state park…
Creeks for cooling off…although some are dried up with summer here.
My little hikers, shaking out their shoes.😊

Waving goodbye…I take Guinevere every Tuesday to Waco for her IV’s. We are starting to see improvement…(“thank You, Lord!“)


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