The end of summer…

(From the end of August and September)

Our first summer in Texas has come to an end…but the heat followed us into the fall.😊

We have enjoyed so many beautiful wildflowers through the summer months.

Jarrod soloed this summer and is doing well with his flight lessons.

Colors of summer!

The yard here at the house we are renting, is quite small…so we have found quiet playgrounds and splash pads for a change of pace for the younger ones…a little more fun for them, than another walk or hike.

Sporting Ohio shirts…everyone misses Ohio.😊

Morning walks…
Beautiful sunrises

Oh, it was exciting the first morning that required a hoodie! 😃 With fall, we have been blessed with cooler mornings, not always but we are thankful for every one! It would still be in the 90s during the day, but cooling down in the evenings.

As the days have gotten shorter, we have enjoyed more sunrises…on morning walks.

Our sweetie…the bill of his hat goes which ever way the sun is shining on him.😊

And oh, the joy having Dad along! (Makes everything a little more exciting.😃)

Sunsets are wonderful to watch but these two are even more delightful to watch!❤️

New places and new trails to explore…aren’t always so exciting for the little ones.😊

Getting a lift from big brother…to rest her weary legs.

I never could have imagined how thankful I would be for clouds!

There were even some fall colors!

We started seeing some improvement in Guinevere’s health in September, she started having some better days. She started functioning more again, able to interact with us some. Then she had a 3 week break from iv’s, to have new labs done. The third week off, she felt better then she has in a long time…at least 18 months. They have okayed her to have 16 more weeks of iv’s. She has started those again, they do make her feel worse, but it is part of the healing. We are very thankful to see improvements in her health and pray the Lord will bless this course of treatments.

A place of peace for this little man who lives such an emotional life…♥️
Psalm 131:2
“Surely I have composed and quieted my soul;
Like a weaned child rests against his (mother),
My soul is like a weaned child within me.”


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