❤️Sweet Fifteen❤️

Fifteen years ago this week, the Lord blessed our life with a little girl…she brought an abundance of joy and sunshine into our lives and all who knew her. She was a delightful, energetic, quick witted child…sacrificial, quick to lay down her wants and desire for those of another.

A heart full of love, she had sweet, winning ways with everyone she knew and met.

Guinevere was a happy child…a chatterbox…never at a loss for words.😊

She loved and adored her grandpas…her little heart shattered when Jesus took one home with Him. She learned to pour out her grief to the Lord and in writing.

Guinevere loved playing mommy…and was the sweetest big sister/little mother to Peter.

She prayed earnestly for a little sister, a very specific prayer…for a little sister with red hair and blue eyes. Oh, her delight when she saw that prayer answered!

She was the happiest big sister…pouring her little self out on behalf of Peter and Evelyn.

As a child, her Grandmas…were the love of her life!😍

❤️ “Two peas in a pod” ❤️

When Guinevere was 9 she developed pain and fatigue, started struggling with school, her heart started bothering her and her sunny personality faded. She was eventually diagnosed with Lyme’s disease…two doctors later, they found a treatment that was very helpful. Her pain faded, her energy and smiles and laughter returned…for awhile.

To our delight, the Lord blessed us with another girl…Guinevere’s heart overflowed with love for her siblings. There was nothing she would not do for them…they were her joy and delight.

Excellent story teller!

Feeling well only lasted a time…the last 4 years have been up and down for her. Many many difficult days…looking to the Lord for guidance… doctors and diagnoses… autoimmune conditions as her body is at war with itself. Many tears shed, many many prayers prayed…as she fought against what her body was doing to her. There were better days where symptoms were quieted. We were not given much help or hope along the way, but learned life style changes to help and manage her symptoms. With time, she has steadily gotten worse…the last 18 months very difficult.

She has always been and still is a brave soldier, not wanting people around her to know she is suffering. The pain and fatigue wear on her, her brain fails her often, causing much frustration…mornings became her worst enemy as she would have to face another day. After having cried herself to sleep…or cried in frustration because in her fatigue and pain, she cannot sleep. She has learned to quiet herself and find comfort in God’s Word. The Lord has blessed her with a gift for music and art… both bring relief from the trials she faces every day.

The clinic she is going to now is an answer to prayer, they feel they can help her. The iv’s she gets every week have brought some relief, and this fall she has had days of feeling better, better then she has in many months. This week hasn’t been a good one, but she has a few up coming doctors appointments and testing. She is overwhelmed on one hand, not wanting more doctors but also slightly hopeful that there will be more help.

He has walked her through valleys that no one else could.)

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1,2

Singing hymns, shortly before this grandma went to be with Jesus.

We love our girl, the delightful child the Lord has blessed us with. The last few years haven’t been easy for us to watch her go through, many times sitting and crying with her, listening to her desperate pleas and frustrated cries of why…praying for the Lord to comfort and sustain her. We know the Lord has good in store for her…with joy we celebrate another year!


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