October Days

With the sun moving back south, we are enjoying sunsets at our favorite place on Lake Belton again. These two are always up for a run to the lake to watch the sun set with mommy!❤️

The loaded fig tree!
Beautiful flowers seem to bloom all the time here…so far!😊

The cooler days that have come with autumn, have allowed us to get back out hiking!

Grinding corn at the nearby Texas “tractor and early days”…
Beautiful windmills…

Savanna was asking about windmills…we see so many, especially to the west…she was trying to understand the word “antique”…something “old and from the past”, she asked very seriously, with a furrowed brow, “you mean like grandpa?”❤️

Getting ready for another flight…

From recent flights
So happy for cooler days to do more exploring!
A Land surveyor at work❤️
The sunsets never get old!

We found it fascinating to watch the prickly pear fruit form and then ripen…oh how we wanted to pick some…thankfully we found out before they ripened that they have very fine spines on them, and will in-bed themselves into your finger!


It was also very interesting to watch the cotton ripen…The fields of green plants with white cotton were beautiful sights, that didn’t seem to last long enough, before they were harvested!

A painting that Guinevere is working on, a scene from west of us.
A lovely sundog!
Looking for bugs to study!
Mornings cool enough to enjoy a fire!
For these two, a hike is always more exciting if daddy is along!
❤️So much joy ❤️

And so…our days here in Texas pass as we continue to adjust. I am thankful for the promise in Deuteronomy 33:25 “As your days, so shall your strength be.” Also verse 27 “The eternal God is your refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms”


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