The Lord has brought this precious child so far…when we look back, it never ceases to amaze us and fill our hearts with thanksgiving. Overall, he is doing well, changes do upset him, life confuses him… For a number of years Psalm 131 has been his favorite chapter in the Bible…(only because 131 is an important number to him) but the words are very appropriate for him…

Art by J. M.

Peter’s life has taught (and is teaching) us much about the tenderness and love of our Heavenly Father. God has brought much beauty out of the ashes in his life.

Peter had a video appointment with his doctor in New York this week. The loving bond they share, is delightful to observe. Five years ago, after months of testing, treatments and doing everything he thought would help Peter, Doctor felt like there was nothing he could do to help Peter. There had been glimmers of hope and healing, but nothing had really helped and at that point, Peter was continuing to get worse, rapidly.

A few months after telling us, that he couldn’t help Peter, he agreed to try an experimental treatment…which is what turned everything around and set Peter on the path of healing.

His doctor has patiently worked with us through the years and through many set backs that Peter has had, we are very thankful the Lord directed us to him… knowing it is the Lord who heals.

We are very thankful for Peter…many are the lessons he teaches us and much is the delight he brings into our lives. ❤️ As we prepare to move again, everything is upsetting him, making his days difficult, making us turn to the only One who knows how we can help him through this season.


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