Springtime is here…flowers are blooming, bluebonnets are lining the highways…birds have returned…roads runners are out and about again!

Although some days feel more like summer to us…the grass is green and growing, we have been back to mowing.

Having a picnic by our front door

Finding new trails nearby

A quiet interlude in the midst of a storm, the sun appeared briefly, illuminating the earth and sky.

Time with mommy…and a cup of coffee 😊

Evelyn, fascinated by the colorful fungus growing on this stick.

The lakes near us are beautiful in every season😊

Exploring new places close to our new home

We found a new place, nearby, to watch the sun set…

And for Peter, to throw rocks😊

“I see God moving across the deserts…His brilliant splendor fills the earth and sky;

“…his glory fills the heavens, and the earth is full of his praise! What a wonderful God he is! From his hands flash rays of brilliant light.” Hab. 3:3

“All this day Your hand has held me, God of heaven, by my side Thank You, Father, for Your goodness. You will hold me through the night.”


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