The Father’s Embrace

“…his father saw him…and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” Luke 15

We have learned much about ourselves and our Heavenly Father as we walk through life with Peter. Messed up, broken, easily frustrated and upset because there is so much in life he doesn’t understand, he complicates our lives and makes the days difficult at times…but in our love and compassion and patience for him…we taste our own Heavenly Father’s immense love and unending compassion and patience for us, as messed up and broken as we also are.

Before we moved, over the course of two days, Peter was evaluated by two pediatric psychologists. When they met with me afterwards, they said “the first thing we want to tell you is, it is evident that this child is very loved.”

May our lives also reflect our Father’s love for us.❤️


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