Summer days…

Our artist…at work…filling up one book with pictures, after another. We are thankful when he starts to draw…

The earth with clouds around it

On one of our trips north to Dallas.

The ever beautiful lakes…despite the low levels of water.


Faithful companion and co-pilot.❤️

Baby lizards abound around the house this last month…The girls just adore them…a mommy lizard below.

What feels like continuous doctor appointments for those who need them…

We enjoy the road runners…a delightful bird.

Evelyn loves birds and was given a bird feeder this summer…Daddy helping her find the right place to hang it.

Coming home from their special place where they love to watch the sun rise.

Peter was delighted with his catch and thought he had a pet at last…his little sisters promptly and gently removed it from the bucket and set it free…telling him not to do that to a poor lizard again.😊

~Another beautiful sunset~

From the rising of the sun to its setting
The name of the LORD is to be praised.” Ps 113:3


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