An update

There are no quick fixes to chronic Lyme’s disease, Dysautonomia and the other diagnoses Jarrod and Guinevere have. They both continue to get IV therapies every week. Jarrod is going to Dallas every week for immunotherapy. The Lymes protocol he is on, has helped with some symptoms. Guinevere also, has had some symptoms improve but has gotten worse in other ways. We are working with numerous doctors.

They are not really functioning any better, their days are spent mostly in bed, with the exception of doctor appointments and treatments. We know this is a slow process to find healing for them, and are thankful for any improvement.

Our eyes are on the Lord, as we seek help and answers and follow the way He leads and surrender to the circumstances He has allowed and the doors He has closed.

Peter and Evelyn are both doing better right now. We are thankful. The doctor in New York treated Peter for several infections we were not aware were affecting him. They did blood work when we were in New York…as we are having trouble getting his labs done here. (The EMT’s used to help when necessary, we don’t have that available here.) The bloodwork identified some issues the doctor has addressed. Same with Evelyn, she has good days and more difficult days but is overall doing better.

Savanna is also working with the doctor in New York. The Lyme’s protocol he has her on has helped her some. His testing also found some other underlying health issues that he is addressing.

“Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master…So our eyes look to the LORD our God” Psalm123:2


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