Very best of friends…
(About 5 years ago)

Guinevere has battled health issues since having Lyme’s disease when she was nine. It has wreaked havoc on her body and though she has been blessed with times of feeling better, the last 18 months have been an all over steady decline. She has seen numerous doctors, diagnosing but not offering much help. It hasn’t been easy for her to battle daily pain and chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory and processing issues…arthralgia, dysautonomia (which affects almost every aspect of her life) and other autoimmune disorders…and daily frustration, resulting in many tears. The Lord has blessed her with the gift of music, she has found much consolation in playing violin and piano…and solace in painting.

When she can do nothing else…she paints and paints. We have prayed for healing…for help…for grace for her to accept what the Lord has, lovingly, allowed in her life. She puts on a brave front and tries her best to live life in spite of everything…although it can be exhausting.

The Lord has opened the door for her to go to a medical clinic in Waco, they feel they can help her. Three weeks ago she started going for iv treatments… she goes every Tuesday. So far…the side effects make her feel pretty bad…to the point she says it isn’t worth it. After what we have been through with Peter, I know on the road to healing, there is often a time of feeling worse. We are thankful the Lord has open this door and we are very hopeful…trusting Him to bless these treatments.🙏


One thought on “Guinevere…

  1. Oh my heart aches to hear of this another health challenge in your family! Surely the Lord has a good purpose in this, though I’m sure it would help to see more of the big picture sometimes. Praying for daily grace for Guinevere and all of you ! Love and hugs, Freida

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