Evelyn Joy

The Lord blessed our lives with a precious red haired, blue eyed baby girl 8 years ago today. Eagerly anticipated and long awaited…we were so excited when she arrived…(3 weeks overdue!)

She became Peter’s “guardian Angel” and guiding light…from a young age she was in tune with the needs he had… and so watchful of him…so caring and always putting him and his needs first. She was such a loving little “mother” to him.

She was our colicky baby yet brought much joy into our home….fitting of her middle name.

Evelyn was a sweet, sweet child to daddy and I and adoring of her older siblings.

Guinevere had earnestly prayed for nine months, asking the Lord for a red haired, blue eyed little sister…I was not surprised when the Lord answered her prayers.😊

Becoming the best big sister when Savanna arrived!💞

When she was five, she developed seizures…and then other health issues affecting her brain And body…

She was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease, epilepsy, hashimoto’s and autoimmune encephalitis.

After working with doctors locally for a year…she was not doing well and getting worse. Peter’s doctor in New York agreed to treat her…

Trying so hard to be brave for her iv treatments.

Thankfully because of his care and compassion and making her treatment a priority, everything turned around for her. Her seizures stopped, she started improving, her regression turned around. We are very grateful to the Lord. She has come a long way in healing, she still has health related struggles and battles, but she is so much better and headed in the right direction.

Difficult days

She has always had a heart for the Lord and His word… at a very young age would request a Psalm to be read every night, at bedtime. His word has always been a comfort to her.

Rainbow children’s hospital

No one can cheer her like daddy…she is Daddy’s girl all the way! 💞

💜Happy Birthday to our sweetheart!💜


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