Jarrod Andrew…

Jarrod’s labs show he does have Lymes disease, along with being positive for several co-infections. The tests also showed immunodeficiencies. The lymes is affecting his heart (“Lyme carditis occurs when Lyme disease bacteria enter the tissues of the heart…. interfering with the normal movement of electrical signals from the heart’s upper to lower chambers, a process that coordinates the beating of the heart….something physicians call “heart block,” which can vary in degree and change rapidly.”) The doctor started him on an antibiotic therapy for the lymes and he is getting iv’s weekly, here in Texas. As we know, lymes isn’t always easy to treat, we are praying the Lord blesses the path of treatment.

“People diagnosed with Lyme disease often face a long, hard battle to recovery; marked by a number of sometimes debilitating symptoms, including fatigue, joint pain, memory problems, nerve problems, and headacheLyme disease spirochete knows how to evade the immune system… keeping itself out of its grasp so it can continue to survive and prosper…crossing the blood-brain barrier and take cover where it’s harder for antibiotics to penetrate. As a result, Lyme disease can become a chronic infection…which become disabling in some cases.”

The Lymes is likely the cause of his Dysautonomia and chronic fatigue, so if he responds well to treatment, these should improve also.

A recent full moon

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